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Because we offer Apple, HP and Dell computer products at a discounted price reserved just for educational facilities, we'll need to see your snazzy school ID to make sure you're a current student or staff member before your hardware or software purchase.
But, if you're just wanting to bling out your iPod or replace your earbuds with some sweet Beats, come on in! Our extensive accessory inventory, including EagleTech and iTunes gift cards, is available to the public to purchase. We'll even wrap it up real nice for the holidays – that is, if you plan on giving it away.
The latest upgrade got you down? We're offering workshops on the greatest technology on the market today, hosted by smarty-pants gurus. You can find our schedule under our 'Workshops' tab. We'll be constantly adding to this, so check back often!
If your stuff happens to break, our in-house technician can fix it. He's got both Mac and PC certifications. We sometimes refer to him as The Computer Whisperer.
What? You still have questions?! Then call us at 319-398-5415, and hit us with your best shot!

EagleTech now offers pricing benefits to Kirkwood Continuing Ed students!

We want you to get Apple, HP and Dell computer products at a discount. Just show us your CE registration confirmation and a photo ID before making your hardware or software purchase, and if it’s 30 days before or after the start of your class, we’ll set you up!

To take advantage of this awesome perk, bring in or show us your confirmation of class registration email on your phone. Make sure you see your registration date, your name, your learner ID and the class dates in the confirmation. Make sure you've got your photo ID handy, too, so we can confirm you're the one registered for the class.
What perks do you get from EagleTech for being a Kirkwood Continuing Ed student? You get to see our smiling faces as we help you pick out the latest in technology. In addition, when you purchase your new toys, you'll get them tax-free and at the same academic pricing we offer our full-time staff, faculty and credit students.
Oh, you're taking several classes in the next year? Great! This discount is good 30 days before and after the start of every continuing education class you attend. (And psst! Our Land & Learn workshops to help you use your new technology is free! We also sometimes give out cool prizes like Apple TVs and EagleTech gift cards – which never expire!)
Still have more questions?

Feel free to call and chat with us at 319-398-5415, or stop by our store in Benton Hall any time. See you there!