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You should be! Stalk us on the internet through Kirkwood Community College's various social media outlets. We like it. If you want to talk to an actual person, use that thing that used to be called a telephone and give us a ring! Our store number is 319-398-5415, and a Techxpert will be on the other end to help you out. We also boast the following fine people full-time, if you're needing a little extra love:

Nathan Wolter
EagleTech Manager

"The Head Tech"
*The man in charge. He's who you get when you ask for the supervisor's supervisor.

Laura Carson
Customer Service Specialist

"The People Person"
*This gal can help you with everything from arranging an introduction to the right Techxpert who speaks your language to putting together the right computer package for you.

Matt Lukemyres
Mark Johnson
IT Technicians

"The Techanics"
*They know what the Geek Squad won't know.

Craig Kuhens
Technology Purchasing Specialist

"The Big Spender"
*This person stocks the shelves, so we hide him away for obvious reasons.

Of course, a good, old-fashioned drop-by
is always welcome. We like to show you
our pretty faces almost as much as
we enjoy seeing yours.


We're located here:

Kirkwood Community College
Benton Hall
6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

Main Campus Map

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